CarLeigh Buck I am an 18 year old AP student in coastal Georgia with big plans for my future. I am very artistic and driven to succeed. I joined this site for one reason, one of my best friends'.. View More
Armstrong State University First Year
Art, Math, and Language 2018
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CarLeigh Buck E-nnounced: Aug 07, 2014 I just found out that my college textbooks will cost over $500! Time to start "ennounce"ing and fundraising again!!
CarLeigh Buck E-nnounced: Jul 08, 2014 Made a 5 on my AP Calculus exam! :)
CarLeigh Buck E-nnounced: May 20, 2014 I found out today that I'm going to finish my senior year with all A's! I can't wait to graduate in 3 days! By the way, if you haven't had the chance, check out my graduation gift registry below :)®istryId=541121110&pwsurl=
CarLeigh Buck E-nnounced: Feb 25, 2014 We've already raised $135 for Lucas! Thank you guys so much, and keep spreading the word!

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Yes!!!!!!! Finished another semester, 4 more to go!
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